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Q. Are your ceremonies legal in the State of Texas?

A.  Yes. As a member of a recognized ministerial group I can legally marry people anywhere in the U.S. In Chicago you need to obtain a marriage or civil union license from the County Clerk (see the Links page). After the wedding ceremony the officiant will sign the document and, as required by law, mail the document back to the Clerk within a few days after your wedding.

Q. Will the Roman Catholic Church recognize our marriage?

A.  No. Although the Roman Catholic Church will recognize your marriage as civilly legal and valid (you are in fact married); the only way to have a valid Roman Catholic sacramental marriage is to have your ceremony in the Roman Catholic Church fulfilling all their requirements.

Q. How long is the ceremony?

A.  The length of the ceremony will depend on your selection of readings, music, type of liturgy or ceremony and other optional elements that you might wish to include. I find that most people put together a ceremony that lasts between 20-30 minutes. Because I will work with you to design the ceremony that is truly “yours”, time is a factor we will consider together.

Q. Are all your weddings "Catholic" ?

A.  Although I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest and most of my experience is in that tradition, I am also quite comfortable and experienced in Civil, Interfaith, Inter-Denominational and Non-Denominational weddings. I will co-officiate with a minister, rabbi or other religious / ceremonial officiants.

Q. What is your fee?

A.  My fee is based on several factors, primarily it is determined by:
- Location (driving distances).
- Day of the ceremony (Mon thru Thurs. or weekends)
- Type of Ceremony (full wedding Mass, simple nuptial ceremony, blessing of union, etc.)
Please contact me so that I might offer a specific response to fees based on your circumstances.

Generally, my rate for a wedding within 45 minutes of Kempner, TX is $450. If I am to be at the rehearsal - $500. 

My rate outside of 45 minutes of Kempner, TX begins at $600. If I am to be at the rehearsal - extra.

My "elopement" rate within 30 minutes of Kempner, TX starts at $275.

* driving distance is based on Google maps driving directions and estimated time.  My starting point is always Kempner, TX

Q. Do you perform same sex and civil union weddings?

A.  Yes, I do.

Q. How creative / different are you willing to be for our wedding?

A.  My major concern for the wedding is that it is the ceremony YOU want.  I have peformed weddings on the lake shore, IN the lake, on mountain tops and attached to ropes on a mountain side, at campgrounds and in living rooms, chapels, banquet halls, etc.  I have performed weddings in the style of a boxing match, as a Renaissance friar,  a Space Trek character and dressed in various native costumes.  If your wedding is different or unique and I can accomodate you... I'm almost always willing.