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Your wedding ceremony is the celebration of your love and commitment for one another that marks the formal beginning of your life together. It is a personal and distinctive statement shared with your family and friends.

Creating a personal and romantic ceremony takes time. I usually meet with the two of you several times to create the ceremony. Your ceremony should honor your own personal spiritual and religious traditions, celebrate your relationship, acknowledge those who have helped bring you to this moment, be memorable and joyful.

- Do you want emphasis on the religious or the romantic, or perhaps a mix of both?
- Will your ceremony be traditional, modern or something totally unique to you?
- Will the vows be traditional, adapted, contemporary or your own words?
- How long do you want the ceremony to last?
These and other questions will help me to help you create the wedding you truly desire.

We will discuss these elements and more:
The entrance
The wedding party
Ring Exchange
Seating arrangements
Other ceremonies (unity candle, lasso, gifts to parents, etc.)

I will offer a completely personalized wedding address based on what you share with me, the story of your meeting, your dating, the proposal, why you are getting married, what you do for work and fun, the story of your life together combined with whatever readings, reflections and music you have chosen for the day.

When meeting for the first time, we will work off a sample wedding outline. It is nothing more than a guide, a place to start…. I have yet to create two wedding ceremonies that are the same.

Once the ceremony is planned, you can relax. You can be confident that your wishes will be carried out and you will not need to remember the order of events or what to say or do. I will preside over the ceremony to see that it comes off exactly as planned.