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You have probably come to this site because you have recently become engaged and are now looking for an officiant to help you put together your ceremony. I believe I can help.

This is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life and I want to congratulate you for finding your life partner... what a glorious commitment  I will help you celebrate that commitment in the manner and spirit that speaks of the uniqueness of your love for one another.

It's YOUR Ceremony!

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day. It will speak to all present of the love that the two of you share. I would like to work with you both to prepare a ceremony that will be personal and memorable.

As an ordained minister, certified to officiate at marriages and civil unions, I will conduct either a religious or non-religious ceremony - as you desire.  My concern is that the ceremony be uniquely your own and speak to your family and guests of the depth of your love and your hopes for the future.

You will have total creative control over the ceremony, while I offer the expert, gentle guidance that will help make your vision a coherent and beautiful reality.

Prior to your wedding day we will meet together to discuss your vision and concerns, get to know one another and to discuss the wedding preparation materials that I will provide. I will do this without charge and before you make any commitment to using my services.

After the initial meeting we will continue our discussions and planning through the internet and over the phone or further meetings - whatever makes you comfortable and certain that your ceremony will be everything you want it to be.

Helping to Make Weddings Wonderful For Over 35 Years

For those wishing a religious ceremony, I most often perform weddings in the Catholic tradition to couples when your parish will not. If you are divorced or marrying someone who is, or if you no longer attend Church but still identify yourself as Catholic, I can help. I have conducted weddings based in all the major Christian traditions as well as non-religious and civil ceremonies.

Since my ordination as a Roman Catholic Priest in 1986, I have officiated at any number of weddings and other religious ceremonies. Since joining with my life partner in 2002, I now exercise my priestly ministry as a member of two religious organizations - the International Council of Christian Churches and C.I.T.I. (an organization of married Catholic Priests).

Read my Reviews on YELP  Most of the reviews are from my time in Chicago.  I returned to Texas in Jan. of 2024